Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Egotism And What Can It Do?

Well, If its not a new written blog post by yours truly. I must admit, its been ages since I've decided to write a new ramble-y post. But, tonight's the night. Here goes nothing. Remember to leave comments below!

I've recently come across an article, and that article has 5 questions.  Let me try and answer them in my own way. 

The 5 questions are: 

  • What does ego do to you?
  • What can we do with ego?
  • Is ego dangerous?
  • Do we need ego?
  • What about a life without ego?

Please bear in mind that the passages below are my very own opinion and if, there is a conflict with your own opinions. Well, let's spare our egos for once, shall we?

First of all, What is Ego? 

To me, Ego is a trait that we all have within ourselves. We live with our egos all our lives, we go through many struggles and fights with Mr. Ego. Ego is the need of being in the center of the spot light. The world must revolve around ourselves and ourselves only. Every human being will do what they think is best for themselves and we are always right. We do not question ourselves, because we must always be the best that we are. Egotism is the need to dominate amongst people and our peers, for everyone to look up to us and that we are always the best example. We are the center of our own attention. 

What does ego do to you?

Having an ego is like having some disease that you cannot shake off or get rid of. We constantly need to feed this hungry strain within us. Ego is the same voice that tells you what to do in everyday situations. Ego is the rush that causes you to react with what you think is the best for you. Being in a discussion and always thinking your opinion is the right one, because our egos created it that way. We invariably need to be on top, to be the best, to be no. 1. All the materialistic items around us, all the luxury we get, we need, unceasingly, because our egos need them, because we want them to feed our ego. There is no end to an increasing wanting ego.

What can we do with ego?

I think it is apparent that egoistical does not bring many leverage in an Universal life. One shall not be perpetually obsessed with oneself. It simply does not cohere with achieving a better happiness for oneself.

Is ego dangerous?

Well, I wouldn't say ego is dangerous if it is a mixture of proper balance in any ordinary life. (How can I even mention ordinary in the context of egotism, ha!) But yes, the world has most probably seen numerous dangerous egotistical characters in the sweep of time. Big time personas like Hitler, Bush, Stalin, and many more I care not to mention are big egos. They constantly want more and more, their motto is to get more, they want more attention, and more people to look up to them, to worship them, they want to conquer more and the never ending. In the set up of today's society, I believe we need a proper balance of ego. 

Do we need ego?

Well I definitely would say we do not need ego. But I, for one, is guilty of many things egoistical. The many luxurious items we own, all part of our ever growing Mr. Ego. If we can let go of our ego, even for a couple of situations in our daily lives, I believe we can find that we are so much happier, so much more complete. Because ego does not provide us with the wholeness we can obtain by just being enough, without domination. 

What about a life without ego?

I truly admire those who can live a life without ego. Without wanting materialistic and luxurious items, just living with the idea of just being enough. I, myself, is certainly not at that state of being without ego. Living with the idea of just being enough, is bliss. 

Whatever your ego is telling you to do, is negative. What your heart and soul are telling you, comes from understanding and is therefore positive energy. That will always be the best you can get. No fame, no materialism and no power, but a true life full of positivism and positive people around you. It will give you a happy family, people at work who understand you and who will see in you a special person.
Quoted from here

And with that, I end my lengthy post as of today. And next time you decide on something that has to do with domination, on always being the right one, think about the negativity, and the betterness you'll achieve once you let go of that ego of yours. 


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Friday, February 28, 2014

Thank You Mom & Dad

Letter of Gratitude

In today's post I want to express my truly heartfelt gratitude towards my ever-loving parents. To the superheroes of my life, whom I will not be here without.

I don't take photos of my parents enough, it took a little while to come up with a picture of both my parents and this was taken some time ago on the beach! 

What I was trying to say, tonight I felt emotionally overwhelmed due to the fact that both my parents has been my one and only life rock ever since forever. They have been so amazing in everything they do, I truly cannot believe nor understand how they do it. Even for me it, it is very overwhelming. 

I have had the excellent privilege to be counting on them wherever I go, how far I go, and how difficult my route may become along the way. Sometimes I feel as if I owe them way too much, I can never repay them with whatever I do further along my life. 

They have been supporting me with endless love, emotion and financial support that I do not really think I deserve. People say what parents do for their children are boundary-less and infinity-like. I truly believe that is what it is. 

At certain paths of life we may be opposed by difficulties blocking our way, but my superheroes will never fail and they will slide over that rock hard mountain and go sliding past that obstacle the other way. And I believe they will continue to do so.

I feel very non-deserving of such an amazing pair of protectors. I will do my very best in repaying them with whatever I can do to the best of my abilities. 

I love them both very much. 

Everyday we should learn to say thank you, using the opportunity that we have.  

Now, before I start bawling my eyes out and my sinuses get blocked I'm afraid I must go and sign off, for now. Till next time!


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Sunday, February 9, 2014

Happy Chinese New Year 2014!

Photo credit:

Its the season of celebration again! This time for the Chinese people all around the world. According to the Lunar calendar, the new year begins with a new Chinese Zodiac animal. And this year it is the year of the Horse! 

If you're unfamiliar with the Chinese Zodiacs,  let me tell you a story. 

This ancient folk story is commonly believed among children (and personally I like this version of the origin of the zodiac better! ☺︎)

So, the story begins like this: 

One day, the Jade Emperor decided to name the years of the calendar after twelve animals, but he couldn't decide which animal should come first and which next. So, he ordered a race. 
It was called the Great Race. Hundreds and thousands of species of animals were present that day to compete in this race. The Jade Emperor said the first twelve to reach the finish line were rewarded by being in the calendar. 
Hence, the race begins. There are many, many interesting versions of the way the race went (as I'm sure you'll find if you try google) 

Right before the finish line, the animals all had to cross a river. The Rat decided the best way to cross the river was to ride on the back of an Ox. The Ox agreed to take him over. And while they were approaching the shore, the Rat jumped ahead and became the first to win the Race. 

The order of the Race became: 

1. Rat
2. Ox
3. Tiger
4. Rabbit
5. Dragon
6. Snake
7. Horse 
8. Goat
9. Monkey
10. Rooster
11. Dog
12. Pig

So, every year the people celebrates the lunar new year with a new zodiac animal. And each one of us has our own zodiac animal depending on the year you're born in. ☺︎

During the Chinese New Year, lots of festivities are included and I must say, this is my favourite time of the year. The celebrations are endless, and the whole ordeal lasts for fifteen days then at the end of the fifteenth day, there is another massive celebration to mark the Night of the Fifteenth Day of Lunar New Year. ✌︎

Most people gather around families and keep the reunion spirit high. I myself went back to Penang Island, and our whole extended family had a Reunion Dinner on the eve of CNY. (abbreviated fr Chinese New Year)
Here are some pictures! 

Happy Chinese New Year to all my fellow readers! 

May this New Year bring you Joy, Hope, Prosperity, Wealth and Opportunity! 

Thanks once again for reading my corner of the internet! ☺

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