Monday, July 30, 2012

Books and Happiness

Good books are lengthening and brightening the lives of multitude of people. Perhaps nothing else has such power to lift the poor out of his poverty, the wretch out of his misery, to make the burden-bearer forget his burden, the sick his suffering, the sorrowing his grief, the down-trodden, his degradation, as books. They are friends to the lonely, companions to the deserted, joy to the joyless, good cheer to the disheartened, a helper to the helpless. They bring light into darkness and sunshine into shadow. 
Dr. Orison Swett Marden

See how amazing books can be? Who in their lifetime has never touch a single book, opened a single book, attempt to read any books? If so, then, my friend, you shouldn't even be alive. 

I attended a Speed Reading course by Achievers Platform this past weekend, and what they have taught me, has deeply moved what I thought was simple, everyday enjoyment. Books are incredible to this world. 

I have tremendous love for books 

         I have tremendous love for books and have a lifelong association with them. Every single penny invested in a book is very fine and enduring investment. Humanity would be definitely poorer from every point of view had it not been for the great books that have nourished and nurtured human civilization down through the ages. 

        I personally think that we have got to start a movement whereby every child is encouraged to own a book. Every child must be encouraged to realize that among his precious possessions books have a special place. 

You'll be surprised at how much the amount of children today have not seen an actual book.

         There is a view expressed by some people that the book is going to be obsolete by the 21st century because you will simply have the computers and you can tune into whatever you want. Personally, I do not think that this fear is well grounded, because as I researched when the radio and television were invented they said the same thing, but the growth of book publishing industry has continued.

 Have your own books 

        But it is not enough to borrow books. In these days, no one need be without books of his own, even if it be only a solitary bookshelf of old and much-used favorites in humble bindings. This should be a labour of love and individual taste, and books are still fortunately within everybody's reach though not so cheap as in the days of sixpenny and shilling classics. But you will get far more lasting pleasure from your own books, however, few, if well chosen, than you can from any number you may borrow.

Build a home library

         Show anyone a man's home library, the type of books that he reads, and we all will better know the character of the man. With considerable accuracy, we may be able to look far into his future, as well.

       Self-help books, which serve as stepping stones to higher ideals and nobler purposes in life, are, by far, the most precious ads in all human endeavor. Every home should have a bookshelf or shelves well stocked with these guides for spiritual, mental and physical achievement.

      The principle object of reading should be for self-discovery and the acquirement of useful knowledge which can be appropriated and applied in one's daily life. Such books should serve to strengthen, refine, and ennoble the character of the reader.

      A home without spiritual books, a dictionary, an encyclopedia, and self-help books is like a house without windows for the light to enter. Home, not the university, is where young minds are formed and fashioned for life.

     "The first time that I read an excellent book," said Goldsmith, "it is to me just as I have perused before, it resembles the meeting with an old one."

    "When I consider what some books have done for the world," said James Freeman Clarke, "and what they are doing, how they keep up our hope, awaken new courage and faith, soothe pain, give an ideal of life to those who homes are hard and cold, bind together distant ages and foreign hands, create new worlds of beauty, bring down truths from heaven, I give eternal blessings for this gift."

You cannot live without books

Aristotle was asked, "What is the difference between an educated and an uneducated man?" He replied, "The same difference as between being alive and being dead."

I would rather be a poor man in a garret with plenty of books than a king who did not love reading. 
Thomas Babington Macaulay

I cannot live without books. 

Just few months ago was the date a year ago my grandmother passed. It was over a year ago now. But till this very day, I still could not believe she was gone from my life. There would be no more of her cooking, her voice. No more watching her prance around the kitchen cooking the most delicious plates of goodness 12 hours a day. I cannot bring myself to fully believe she wasn't there for us anymore. 
And that's because she was such a big part in our lives before this that it is so hard, so difficult to imagine her not being here, ever again. 

I still miss her very much.


The secret of happiness is this: to let your interests be as wide as possible, and let your reactions to the things and persons that interest you be as far as possible friendly rather than hostile. 
Betrant Russell

The time for happiness is today

        Some wise person has written: "Success is a journey, not a destination. Happiness is to be found along the way, not at the end of the road ----- for then the journey is over and it is too late. The time for happiness is today, not tomorrow."

        If we wait to arrive at happiness, we shall be sadly disappointed in life. Happiness must be experienced as we journey, a minute here, an hour there, occasionally a day, once in a long while several days or a week.
      But the weeks and days and hours are all made up of minutes, and if we live for happy minutes the hours and days and weeks will take care of themselves. We shall find our road through life a pleasant one, and spend less time worrying about the distant goal.

     A stream of happiness-opportunities is flowing past us continuously: during the hours we spend at home; in the office or store or shop where we work; as we walk along the street; as we travel by train or plane or bus --- in short, wherever we are and whatever we are doing.

    We would do well to adopt this creed, written a century ago by Stephen Grellet: "I expect to pass through this world but once. Any good therefore I can do, or any kindness that I can show to any fellow creature, let me do it now. Let me not defer or neglect it, for I shall not pass this way again."

    Those only are happy who have their minds fixed on some object other than their own happiness; on the happiness of others, the improvement of mankind, even on some art or pursuit, followed not as a means but as itself and ideal end. Aiming thus at something else, they find happiness by the way. Ask yourself whether you are happy, and you cease to be so. The only chance is to treat, not happiness, but some end external to it, as the purpose of life. 

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Countdown to another month!

Its mid-July peeps! Time has flew by us all, haven't it?

Counting down to the date I fly this is another half month gone by. Which makes August the official last month I will be in Malaysia this year! So nervous so excited. 

I remember I used to whine about the super duper long break from studying that I'm gonna get. I remember saying it would be impossible I wouldn't die of boredom and my brain cells would shrink because I don't have classes to go to. Coz I love going to classes. With the exception of high school classes. College was awesome!

Now I feel like it was great to have a break from the strain of everything once in a while. Now I can finally know why some people take a year off. Going through all these past moments at home, I found that I grew, matured and learned a whole bunch of new things everyday.

Gaining invaluable knowledge and experience was by far the best thing you can do while on a break. Or anytime, even. As far as it goes, I signed up for dance classes, continued my guitar lessons, went for vocal classes, found my passion and finally, finally learnt how to swim. Yea, laugh. But most importantly, I learnt to have a different, even mature take on life.

I remember thinking I'm never going to be able to keep up with everyone because I'm going to start university later than anybody else. But then as of right now, I figured this break couldn't have come at a better time.

Its been an amazing past half a dozen of months (huh?) and it gave me a chance to learn something that I know I would never, ever learn from a textbook. So many events has happened, people disappearing from my life and people who has always been there. It feels like I'm hopping on a train and stopping at different platforms waiting for my next ride and meeting all the great people along the way.

So, I'm going to be advancing into the next path, the next station of life very, very soon. And I'm hoping all is well.

Here's to another great big step in my life!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Collective Haul & Review: NYX, MAC, Revlon & More!

OK, I guess after watching too many beauty videos I'm getting so obsessed! And also I needed some products! Really happy I got all these, so satisfied! These products are stuff I picked up from different places. And decided to do a Haul & Review!

Let's begin with the review, I'll start off with NYX!
In case you don't know what NYX is:

NYX cosmetics are an official U.S brand, very popular amongst makeup artists worldwide. All of their products are gluten-free and also cruelty free! Check out their official website from the U.S. here!

1.                                         NYX Slim Eye Pencil

This is such a good product. I love this. Their texture are so creamy, so pigmented and so rich. They can line your eyes wonderfully. And because of their creaminess, you can also use them as an eyeshadow and blend it out! They have tons of colors to choose from. I got 6 of them. (from top to bottom) Black, White, Sapphire, Black Glitter, Black Brown, Baby Pink.

Here are some close ups:

Black Glitter
I love the glitter in this! Tried lining my eyes with this and it looked AMAZING!!
Slight warning: don't get this into your waterline though, the glitter in it could go into your eyes. Yes I tried it. I was curious, OK?

This white is so pigmented and it slides ever so effortlessly. Great for tightlining!

Baby Pink
This was not as sharp as the rest of the pencils because when the package arrived, it broke! heartbroken. I had to sharpen it and wasted a whole lot of product! sad face.
But other than that, it is a really nice pink! It has a shimmer in it. So I prefer to use it as a highlight for the inner corners of my eyes. Or even a light eyeshadow.

When I hear the name Sapphire I pictured a slightly lighter blue than this? This color is more darker than I would have expected. It has a sparkle so its not only just a plain dark blue color. Very nice!

Two more of the Slim Eye Pencils are Black and Black Brown which I think is the most common of all eye pencils anyone would get. So I don't have pictures of those two! I love the Black though, very dark and again, so effortless for lining my eyes. 

2.  NYX Eyeshadow Base 

This is in shade Pearl. And it was the last one out of all three shades they have. I would have gotten the normal one, which is White. But Pearl is great on its own! As the name suggest, it gives my eyeshadows a really brightening look and it makes them stay on longer. Aye, thats what eyeshadow bases are for. 

I was actually on the lookout to get Urban Decay's Primer Potion but hmm this seem a better option for a first eye primer to own. I don't usually use primers coz they cause makeup to be a tad bit more difficult to remove. I mean they do help keep your make up staying on your face all day. But sometimes I literally have to scrub my face to make sure my makeup's all off. Or else you break out in acne & blemishes. Ugh. 

3.                                                     NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil

More eye products! This I believe is quite famous everywhere, lots of makeup videos I see on youtube have people using these.
Anyways. I wanted to get a thicker Black liner so its easier for when there is thicker eye lining in need. I got the ones in Black Bean and Purple. The purple's a really nice shade, its more of a blue-y kind of purple. I was looking for more of a Justin Bieber kinda purple. O well. It would suffice. 

4.                                                         NYX Round Lipstick

Round lipsticks are NYX's all time favorites. This is in Jupiter. Its a light, shimmery baby pink! So pretty! 

5. NYX Eyeshadow Pigment

This is in Purple, it says Ultra Pearl Mania on the bottle. And it matches Justin Bieber purple! Because y'all know I'm such a bieber fan. winks.
I rarely ever use pigment, because they never adhere properly to the skin and causes a lot of fall outs. 

OK, so that was the last of my NYX Haul! If you buy NYX products off this website HERE you'll also get to choose a Free Eyeshadow Pigments for every purchase of NYX products! They come with a QR code that you can scan and win vouchers! They ship really fast and your parcel will arrive you before you know it! (For malaysian customers) f.y.i they are also an authorized reseller of Sigma brushes! So you're interested!
I do have an eye on the Mrs. Bunny Essential Brush Kit that has everything! 

Make sure to check them out! Highly recommend buying from them! 

(From left to right) Eyeshadow pigment in Gold and Hot Pink!

Moving on with my Haul & Review

I need to say this: I am finally, finally, finally being able to get this that I've been wanting for so god knows how long! I am now at peace. Exhale.

MAC FIX + !!!!!!!

This. Is. Amazing. I cannot describe how amazing this is. OK I will not bother explaining how awesome this is, please google and then goggle at its humongous numbers of uses possible. And I finally got it!! Screams and runs around.

Next, I have 

Revlon Colourstay Foundation 

This is such good foundation for me I have to say. Should've used up more often first, though. It supposedly for combo & oily skin, I have combo. It also stands for its name. Colour stay. I have to tell you, this really lasts all day!! At the end of the day I'm still having trouble fully removing it. sour face. But I love this! Good for my combo skin. And so much less hassle with its staying power.


This is a screw on cap and the bottle is just open like that! OMG groans horribly.
How on earth are people gonna get foundation out without messing up? You gotta pick up the bottle and pour it. Ugh. How I wish they come in a pump!! Well, maybe they do. Why can't they include it in the original packaging? Stupid.

Calming down

Let's move on to the last and final Haul & Review of the day!

The Typo store at Pavillion KL was on sale that day, there were A lot of people. Everyone was either stocking up on their unique school supplies and stationeries or ridiculously awed at their cute designs! They have lots of fun office, work & school supplies there. Which I love, btw. These are what I got from there: 

I finally got a laptop sleeve! I like to call it a sleeve, a laptop bag to me should be able to fit also the power chords. So this is a sleeve.
Its the black one I'm holding on to. It only fits the laptop so its good and compact for me.

Another thing

Saw this really cute A4 sized organizer! That's how it looked on the inside, there are so many compartments for your stuff! You can bring to class, put your notes and important papers inside. And basically just use it as a class thing. Thats what I'm planning to do anyway. Its so pretty I loved it from the moment I saw it! The only problem was, the organizer was white outside. And I'm a monster for getting white stuff stained. sad face. I will try my best to keep this in tiptop shape! Really glad I got this!

I almost forgot! This was something I got quite some time ago. A friend recommended this webpage to me: Check out for awesome deals on these & other related items! 

Macbook Keyboard covers!!
sorry about the yellow lighting. I have a yellow lamp.

Purple Polkadots! 

Plain purple! shakey!
(I have a yellow lamp. That's why the lighting's yellow.)

Love these! Strongly recommend anyone who owns a macbook to get one of these. It covers your keyboard and keeps the vents between the keys clear of dusts and, in my case, teeny tiny ants from getting inside your computer.

OK so that concludes the end of my Haul & Review post today. Make sure you leave comments in the comment box below or in the talk box in the right sidebar. Tell me all about your experience on any of these if you own any one of them! Would love to hear from all of you! big smile.

Oh look! There's a picture of Alyna in Nandos the other day. Say hi! I swear I looooooove Nandos. Gonna miss it when I fly. 

Disclaimer: I was not sponsored, asked, or paid in anyway for this. All items are purchased on my own. All opinions are my own. 

Companies wishing to contact me:
Strictly business enquiries only!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Revealed: Turning it all around and be grateful.

Not a lot of people know about this. Only a tiny number of my friends do. But I am finally writing about it. Because it was just another part of my life that made me stronger. Be grateful. 

I used to have skin problems when I was little. I had all sorts of skin problems, it was a total nightmare. From dry, overly sensitive skin to redness, extreme itchiness. Several parts of my skin had cracks in them and red spots would appear on my skin. There are many points in my life where my skin would break out in hives, or due to the over dryness I had in my skin, bacteria would invade my skin and it would cause wounds to appear and it would be extremely itchy. I would scratch it and it would cause an even bigger wound. Until in the end, I would have bandage wrapped around my elbow or my legs. As a kid I faced these disastrous problems. 

My parents would spent a whole load of money trying to get my skin cured. My father would spend his time bandaging my wounds and applying cream on them while my mom would mix herbal, detoxificating drinks for me. A big part of my sensitive problems were on my legs. Both of my legs have huge, red, itchy wounds that looked like some animal fed on it. Trust me, you do not want to see how it looks back then. 

I didn't know how serious was my situation back then, until my father explained something to me. He said, if more and more wounds appear on your legs without them completely healing, sooner the flesh on your legs will get rotten and they need to be cut off and you won't have any legs anymore. He meant medically. 

That really hit me, from then on I tried my best to cooperate with my parents in helping to cure my skin. But all my childhood I was stuck with this problem. Until I was ending primary school going on high school. About time when I was form 1/2. I wasn't able to wear shorts because I had scars and wounds on my legs. It was so horrible for me. Mentally I was mad and angry and sad because I wondered why did God gave me a pair of perfectly capable legs to walk and jump but with such atrocious problem. Watching other girls with their shorts and perfectly flawless legs walking around was such a mental strain at that time. Teenagers cry at night due to relationship problems, but I would sob into my pillow for the sake of my legs. The worse part was, we didn't know what kind of skin problem I had. Skin like mine weren't very popular at all during my age. Nobody in my family had them, not even my extended family. Most people were just hit with acne and blemish problems on their faces. We thought it was perhaps over sensitivity or maybe it was just me, scratching on my legs when itchiness comes. It was a devastating decade whenever someone mentioned about my legs. It was so uncontrollable. Even as I recall those years right now, its just so crazy. 

One day, they found a skin specialist doctor. We went to him and he did some tests and looked at my legs. And then after all those years, it was finally concluded that my skin had only a couple of problems. Sensitivity and Eczema. 

If you try googling Eczema you can see that it all comes down to the original skin type, I was born with Eczema. Both my parents nor my grandparents did not have them. But I did, and I had to live with it. And then comes the answer, it was not curable. Ever. It was more than a couple of years ago so I couldn't really remember what I was thinking when I got told that. But all that happened, and I dealt with my emotional state. Or else I wouldn't be here blogging about it would I? 

Fortunately, the doctor said it was at least controllable. And here's how I can now walk around with my shorts and the most smooth legs. 

When I was younger, I did not bother with moisturizing creams or hydrating lotions or whatnots for my skin. Not only my legs. Even my arms, face, etc. 

Now, I had more than 10 (maybe even 20) moisturizers, hydrants and care for my skin that I apply every day and night. Some days when my skin feels better I don't bother with anything. Bad habits die hard, don't they? But I've learned, and I know I should take care of myself because God gave me this because he knows I can deal with it and become a stronger person. I did exactly that. 

So I wanted to say, be grateful for everything you have. I did not know how to be grateful to even have perfectly capable legs to walk in until I saw articles of people who lost their legs or who were not born with legs. Every problem you have in life comes with a solution. Its just a matter of whether are you going to search and reach for the solution or not.  

Also, I wanted to thank both my parents for their extravagant amount spent on me, (not only for my skin, but for everything else) and for their everlasting love. No amount of repaying can ever take place of their parent love. Even now I am extremely grateful for everything I have. I would be nowhere on the face of this planet without them. I will continue to be as best as a daughter to the both of you. 

Never, ever, ever give up at allPeople say never give up easily, I think you shouldn't give up at all. To get somewhere in life, you have to be worthy of it. Bring out the best in you, show it to the world. 

You needn't have to worry about my legs or my skin now, they're all well controlled! And I have no plans to let history rewrite itself. 


Saturday, June 16, 2012

What to do with your life?

I actually do have time to blog, and I've plenty of ideas. But they're like all over the place. Kind of like when I got an idea for something to write about and then afterwards I get another idea and then another one later on. Its pretty hard for me to get them all sorted out and put them in passage form. I'm a weird person, when I get ideas, I get A LOT of them AT THE SAME TIME. Which is kind of not so good, cause I won't have time to save them down. Like right now, I get plenty to blog about. Its contradicting. 

Okay, on with the post today.
I'm gonna start with this: I read this somewhere sometime and took it down. Its actually quite amazing and mind boggling at the same time. Ha! Its about life on earth and how we're all connected: 

Did you know that the next breath you take will contain dinosaur breath? It sounds weird, but it's true. Here's how it works. Air is really a mixture of several gases. A gas is a light, invisible substance that floats freely in the air (unless its colored gases, of course.) --- steam, for example.
Two of these gases, nitrogen and oxygen, make up almost all of the air. There's only a small amount of minute gas Argon in the air. Yet an American astronomer named Harlow Shapley calculated that each breath you breathe out, or exhale, contains about 30,000,000,000,000,000,000 (let's call it 30 zillion) - I didn't know there was a zillion. Is there a gazillion too? atoms of Argon.

In a few minutes, those atoms you've exhaled will travel right through your neighborhood. In a year, they will have spread all around the Earth, and about 15 of them will be right back where they started ---- in your nose. Argon is always in you and around you. And not just in you but also in your best friend, your favorite pop star, the birds, the snakes, flowers, trees, and worms. All of us air breathers are sharing those same argon atoms. Amazing, isn't it?

 This is so silly. No it doesn't. Only the dinosaur sketch is cute.
There's more, but thats all I got. The facts led on to the life of dinosaurs and that argon atoms don't disappear or disintegrate, they stay forever. So I guess at least some things are forever huh?

Random facts about me: I'm hot tempered. Like I can flare up all of a sudden when I get mad but then I cool down really fast. One minute I'm mad at any idiotic thing and the next, I'm just like, forget it. Ha! But don't get me mad!

So the next thing I'm gonna say is,
I've been getting from a lot of people about what they're gonna do in their life. Well, not exactly, a lot of them are about what they chose to further study after school. And most of the answers I get are, Business. - In this sense, I meant focusing on money.

Look, don't get me wrong, you can take whatever course you choose. I don't mean this in a bad way. I'm right, right? But recently my dad told me, 

The most richest man in the world, cannot buy youth.
How many people agree with this? I know I do. However rich and loaded you are, you cannot turn back time and make yourself youthful and full of life again. Every person has their own vicious life cycle. And this makes me think about a lot of other things we do in our lives. Get yourself a better profession, I would say.

I was brought up to have a certain mindset that we must somehow give back. Be grateful and give back to the world what the world gave you. So why focus on earning money? You cannot bring money and riches to the next world. Nor can you forever have possession over them. Life shouldn't be only about money. Surely in the world these days money and riches are all people can think about. Without money, you don't survive. 

I'm trying to say, do something else which is much more meaningful. Something perhaps people in the future can remember you for. Do something brave, have a huge impact on the human race. Invent something. Help someone everyday. Gather knowledge to be wiser everyday. Change the world. Make it a better place to be. 

Because in the end, your life should be worth it. You only live once - YOLO

Chase your dreams. Don't stop and give up for some minute bumps. I believe however far off your dream seems to be, you will eventually make it there. As long as you have that winning positive thinking. 

Which brings me back to my first blog post. Your comfort zone and where something amazing will happen is definitely not the same. Step out of your comfort zone, unless you wanna be a loser all your life. What a waste that will be.

People these days spent too much of their time wasting it away. And many of us are trying to find shortcuts, easiest, simplest ways to do a lot of things. Like, what even the point? There are so many many many many examples of these I can't even... From parents to teenagers, to students, to little kids. 

What happened to old fashioned good and proper?

And don't even start by saying the world is so big, what difference can I make? That is so, so wrong. A little goes a long way. You never try and you'll never know. Then you'll spend the rest of your pathetic life thinking, what if?

It just hits me, how twisted and horrible and bad and down and awful peoples' thinking are these days. First of all, make everyday better by just doing some good. You'll have that wonderful sense of satisfaction. And giving back, remember? 

'Coz the world owes you nothing, nobody owes you anything. Not even your parents. No one is obligated to be nice to you, either. So be grateful for whatever and anything you have and what people do for you. 

Look wider and further away than just what's right in front of you. Life is the bigger picture, giving up and settling for the smaller piece of the puzzle is just not worthy of the vast opportunities and chances everyone is given. 

Make a change.  

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

6. MTV World Stage Live in Malaysia 2012 + DREAMIN

Hi everyone!

Its wednesdaaaaay! One of my favorite days of the week.

I've only recently just knew that







The event is to be held at 
Surf Beach @ Sunway Lagoon 
14th JULY 2012

This is such a good date, because I haven't left yet. And THIS IS MY CHANCE TO SEE JUSTIN BIEBER AGAIN!!!!!!! I WANT TO GO SO BADLY!!! OMG!!! OH HOW I WISH I COULD WIN THOSE TICKETS!!

Blame MTV ASIA for letting everyone compete for those tickets. Ugh.

you have to WIN world stage tickets to be able to go.
Like, thats not even fair! Well, it is fair. Kind of. - No. It's not.

So all you have to do to win is to go here to enter the competition.
Its a game, where thousand of people play it and count on your luck!

I've been playing since last night. Four hours total in the game, and still counting. Contest ends 30 June 2012, so I will keep playing! DETERMINATION determines where you will be in life.

I DID win a couple of passes to London, The Summer Musical worth RM100 each. (through my strong determination to win world stage passes on the website, most people just got a 'stand a chance to win page'), which are going to be held at Sunway Lagoon from 1 June 2012 - 8 July 2012.

I also stumbled upon your blog that night.
And the first thing that starts playing is You and Me - Lifehouse
And I went on to scrolling down the rest of your blog, and I saw every month.

Reminiscence. Nostalgia. Heartbreak. Etched. 

#nowplaying Knockin - Freddie Stroma 

I'm lost in a world that rattles my brain
I'm cleaning up my life from the mess you made
Oh o, Whoa oh-oh o
My soul's in debt but my bills are paid
I'd give anything just to make an escape
Oh-oh o, Whoa oh-oh o

So you can keep knockin', knockin', knockin'
Baby you're knockin'
But there ain't no way I'm ever letting you in
Not again
So keep on knockin', knockin', knockin'
But baby you're better off walking
'Cause I ain't gonna let you in
Never again, no not again

And, they say a blog leads to another blog so I got to another blog. A friend's blog this time. Click here to read, look for May 18th. Inspires me. There are so many people out there with all their dreams, hoping one day to make them come true. Its what I love about. Believing in dreaming big. Because, never say never right? But first, we gotta get up and MAKE them come true.


Saturday, May 26, 2012

5. I still have a camera!

I was flipping through my drawers of old stuffs,


I found my long-time-no-used Sony camera! 

I turned it on, and saw in the album hilarious videos and photos of our moral project during SAM! 

The memoirs. 

Here's some of them,

Mind you, these videos are not edited!
They were drafts. 
*My friends are gonna kill me*

Cheers :p



These photos were not taken by me, someone took them using my camera

This one is of Edwin showing his leg hair! 

And the ones below are Setiu, Terrenganu photos!
Precious moments they are :)

I believe we are all fans of Facebook, *winks*

Some turtle skull thing they showed us 

And last but not least, 

Do you have tears in your eyes now?


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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

4. JB for life!

Boyfriend - Justin Bieber 

Y'all know why I have always love Justin Bieber. I wish I could see him close up or even get a picture with him one day. Bieber fever!


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