Monday, March 26, 2012

2. Day in day out.

Sometimes, us people require a change in individual schedule. Something to look forward to. But then, the something to be looking forward to is so far off. What is there to do?

There is no choice for me. What change do I expect to have? I feel like a robot.
Speaking of which, I have a tons of work to do. For which I haven't started and keeps forgetting. Its not that we tend to forget, its because it doesn't matter that much enough to be placed in our head to be remembered. I have this one work I dread to even start. Will it go away? No, it will not, as a matter of fact. We must therefore do the things we dread and get it over with once and for all.
Thats when we choose which route to take. Do we jump of out the circle? Or do we stay there?

Replace fear of unknown with curiosity.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

1. Returning to the world of writing.

It been quite a while since I've blogged. I never did find a proper time to resume blogging.
Basically, what I usually write on my blog are what I've gone through everyday in life. Little no-difference processes I go through.
But then I think again, that is all going to change. This is not going to be only about me.

I have taken an extra attention to famous people all around the globe. I'm inspired by how far they've reach to try to change the world we lived in.

Once in a fortnight, I'll be fascinated by some videos I saw on youtube. And then I'll start googling these people, finding out where they're from, how they got to where they are now, what they're doing and etc. I like to just read what some of these people has done, it broadens my perspective.

I can't summarize what I'll post out here for everyone to read and appreciate, but I can say one thing.

Appreciate life.

Stand by for more by me.

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