Wednesday, May 16, 2012

3. New background and new everything!

So, new blog post.

Its been awhile since i've blogged. A lot has passed since March. 

Firstly, Blogger has changed it layout and template for composing a new blog post and i am a tad bit lost.

I spent a quadruple of a couple of hours sitting here changing my blog background to something i really like. Cause, no point putting up something even the owner doesn't like, right? 

I won't be long. Since i gotta wake up tomorrow early. 

So do you guys like my new blog layout? :) 

Secondly, i know i've said i took a liking to reading famous people on the net. These days, i've also taken a new interest in watching tutorial videos on youtube. Anything, just anything from hair, to exercising, to makeup. I looooove the way people show others how they get things done. 
I also picked up a few tricks and tips from there.
Like, right now, i can do a korean bun & put my hair up in a bun with just a pencil, etc. ;)

And i looove makeup now, *smiles* 
But cause i don't occasionally have any place to wear makeup to, i don't have events or anything these days i think i'll save them for later. :)

Okay, rushing. 

Talk soon, 

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