Saturday, May 26, 2012

5. I still have a camera!

I was flipping through my drawers of old stuffs,


I found my long-time-no-used Sony camera! 

I turned it on, and saw in the album hilarious videos and photos of our moral project during SAM! 

The memoirs. 

Here's some of them,

Mind you, these videos are not edited!
They were drafts. 
*My friends are gonna kill me*

Cheers :p



These photos were not taken by me, someone took them using my camera

This one is of Edwin showing his leg hair! 

And the ones below are Setiu, Terrenganu photos!
Precious moments they are :)

I believe we are all fans of Facebook, *winks*

Some turtle skull thing they showed us 

And last but not least, 

Do you have tears in your eyes now?


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