Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Countdown to another month!

Its mid-July peeps! Time has flew by us all, haven't it?

Counting down to the date I fly this is another half month gone by. Which makes August the official last month I will be in Malaysia this year! So nervous so excited. 

I remember I used to whine about the super duper long break from studying that I'm gonna get. I remember saying it would be impossible I wouldn't die of boredom and my brain cells would shrink because I don't have classes to go to. Coz I love going to classes. With the exception of high school classes. College was awesome!

Now I feel like it was great to have a break from the strain of everything once in a while. Now I can finally know why some people take a year off. Going through all these past moments at home, I found that I grew, matured and learned a whole bunch of new things everyday.

Gaining invaluable knowledge and experience was by far the best thing you can do while on a break. Or anytime, even. As far as it goes, I signed up for dance classes, continued my guitar lessons, went for vocal classes, found my passion and finally, finally learnt how to swim. Yea, laugh. But most importantly, I learnt to have a different, even mature take on life.

I remember thinking I'm never going to be able to keep up with everyone because I'm going to start university later than anybody else. But then as of right now, I figured this break couldn't have come at a better time.

Its been an amazing past half a dozen of months (huh?) and it gave me a chance to learn something that I know I would never, ever learn from a textbook. So many events has happened, people disappearing from my life and people who has always been there. It feels like I'm hopping on a train and stopping at different platforms waiting for my next ride and meeting all the great people along the way.

So, I'm going to be advancing into the next path, the next station of life very, very soon. And I'm hoping all is well.

Here's to another great big step in my life!

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