Saturday, March 30, 2013

The Joy of Growing Up

When we were younger, we always wanted to grow up. We've always wanted to be older, sophisticated and being able to do things. 

And it comes the time when we want to stop growing. 

Because the world is too much, just too much to take in, the older we grow. The more we know. The less we want to know. 

I remember those times when everyone around you are baby-stage paving the stones to their life in the future. 

Now people around me are walking on those stones they've paved. 

It is pretty great really. Part of me wants to live in the now, part of me is really excited for what's in store in the future. 

part of me also wants to relive the past. happy moments.

But what can we do except to move forward and do our very best to make our future shine bright like a diamond ✧

See you soon, Malaysia!


Monday, March 25, 2013

The Amazing Race Season 22!

Online streaming of the show!

Episode 6:




I feel like I always wanna start a post saying Time flies like nobody's business. LOL

You know the times when you're just online surfing the web, and you're just minding your own business carefree-ly surfing and THEN

you go on Facebook and automatically start scrolling back to the old, glory days. (insert petrified emoji here)

I swear I just reviewed the most horrendous things we have done during those times. mamma mia.

And I gotta say, High School kinda sucked. Also it was kinda fun. Both ways I wouldn't think I wanna go back there if I was ever given a chance.

It has been (counting, one two three?) lets see, I graduated in 2010 and its 2013 now right RIGHT? Oh dear lord.

Mind drifting away thinking all those memories we left in the four walls of high school...

when we were young~

Last night was a total night of complete Malaysian food manifesto. And no, it wasn't a feast. We were having a long moment discussing all about the food we can't have! Yeah thats right, and we have come to a conclusion that in order to torture a malaysian, simply send him/her away to some foreign country where malaysian food is impossible to get! yeehaa!Its just cruel. 

So it was all about reminiscence in a cold, long night

Obviously when I scrolled past posts and posts of oldies on facebook, I'd come across so many shameless (I can't even begin to describe it) trailing off..

Now I'm actually here tonight to put up a 30 second vid on my totally unprofessional first ever vlog
Whatever! Baby steps at a time! 

Here you go! Take a sneak peek into Moscow ♡ 

And follow me on a journey at discovering this pristine white heaven. ☃


Also I don't like the fact that its midnight here and morning in the USA. Everywhere in the world should have the exact same time. Hands down on that!!

Saturday, March 23, 2013

The American Dream

I really hate that most of the American website do not ship internationally. Like wth guys?! They always, always, always (x a Trillion) ships only to Canada, and the UK. Hello? People from all over the world needs some of those too y'know!

So every time I go on a website and the first thing I do is to check their International shipping. Cause it would totally suck if you go on and browse products that you'll no doubt fall in love with and THEN find out that they don't ship internationally. LIKE WHUT!

I could so totally list down a whole bunch of websites that I would LOVE to shop from but sadly, they don't ship to where I am right now. I totally wish I could like, hop on a plane and fly straight to America right now. I don't care which state, which province, just get me to the US!

I have always thought the Star Spangled Banner looked ALOT like Malaysia's flag, dontcha think?

There you go, our Jalur Gemilang. 

Sidenote: I hate pictures with watermarks. Ugh!

Continuing my point...

I think Youtube has totally influenced me to thinking & obsessing about all this. which is really, really bad. I think. I don't even know?
So I just recently found some vloggers on YT and they're asian but they were born and lived in America. Then they make videos and you hear them speak with a complete(вобше!) American accent & it just feels kind of weird you know? HAH HA I mean some of them don't even speak their native language.

Check them out guys! Some of them are really kinda cool & real funny!


Amazingggggg!! #Season9Episode18 

UH YAR I'm not gonna post spoilers here! Go watch it! 

Who walks away from a face like that? YUMMMMMY


My bangs have been growing out too long and its right smacking my eyes technically blocking my view OF THE WORLD!

Hence I have been braiding them & securing them to the lateral side of my head but those bobby pins! Damn they have me a scalp itch! 


I am so lazy at changing font and changing sizes of my blog post I really don't do anything to them. I just type & publish! What a good blogger I am! 

Also, I am thinking of vlogging! Maybe some adventures around this "beautiful" city called Moscow! 

But you know what guys! I literally asked people around me do they know what's VLOG? 


Do you people live under a rock or something? Seriously! 井底之蛙 Boo!

Which is a typical line to describe people who knows nothing anything!
The frog who lives at the bottom of the well, who could only see the world as a small patch of sky through the well's opening. Hence he knows nothing about the outside world.


video blog or video log, sometimes shortened to vlog[1] (pronounced 'vlog' or 'v-log') is a form of blog for which the medium is video,[2] and is a form of web television. Entries often combine embedded video or a video link with supporting text, images, and other metadata. Entries can be recorded in one take or cut into multiple parts. It is also a very popular category on YouTube

GO Youtubing! Ever since I started watching people make a career out of YT. Be it makeup, beauty, hairstyles, any kind of tutorials, vlogging, comedy blah blah you name it. I have been obsessed! Its like something anyone, anywhere could do. Its so versatile yet so exciting!

OK Maybe I'll start it. Someday. Its gonna be my hobby! 
I can have a hobby too y'know. 

Woo okay I just realized my blog post was set in Malaysian Time. aha which means my blog post is gonna be up at 7AM in the morning. who blogs at 7AM in the morning? and I cannot find Russian Federation, as usual. 

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Too much hotness

I think I'm beginning to develop Youtube-sydrome.

Too much youtube, every single minute of the day.

I come back every evening, trying to unwind myself by watching a couple of youtube vids. Maybe something beauty, something music, something interesting?


Youtube is addictive. Very very addictive.



It is not possible for Seattle Grace Mercy West to close down! 

Harper Avery Foundation comes to the rescue! Woohoo.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Language barrier

Time flies by like you have no idea

It was a measly moment when I remembered I landed in Moscow. Now it has been almost 7 months!
Over the months I learned a lot. Definitely I should say it has been such a journey. Such a non stop ride.

Russian language rant:

What on earth is Imperfective & Perfective?!


1. Describing an action being performed by the subject.

2. Actions that are repeated (usually add adverbs to indicate)

3. Durative Action


1. Describing an action, but highlighting its result above all, the wanted result.

2. Describe many repeated actions but summarized.

3. Inchoative action.

OK rant over.

Most of all

я устала.

I'm just really tired. Really tired of answering people, and making my point. I don't wanna talk anymore.

I totally understand if you don't get how Malaysia is like as a country. How our people is like. 


I'm really exhausted at explaining. Please don't ask me anymore.

I am the kind of person when I'm not interested in a certain thing, I would never do it. Never want to know anything about it. Until I get interested. 

Sorry, a little emotional over there. 

Frequently Asked Questions: 

1. What language do Malaysians speak as a nation?

- We do, in fact, have our own language. Its called Malaysian language (Bahasa Malaysia). You would probably never have heard of it because we are the only country in the world who speaks this language. (Hence the language is called Malaysian Language)

2. But you can speak Chinese as well?

No, because Chinese is not a language. Mandarin is the official language of Chinese people. (It irks me to think that you can call Chinese language - Chinese but you can't think of Malaysian language as Malaysian Language. get my point?

And yes, I do speak Mandarin because I am of chinese ancestry. 

3. What do you mean by that? So you are a Chinese and a Malaysian?

-Well, what a pleasant story I'm going to start off now.

I am Malaysian Chinese. The people of Malaysia such as the Malaysian Chinese and the Malaysian Indians has ancestry not from Malaysia. Our forefathers came from Mainland China and the South of India respectively (during the British colonization). Our parents are also born in Malaysia. We are born and raised in Malaysia. 

4. So how is Malaysian language like?

Nama saya Janice. Which means my name is Janice.

This is for those who does not understand the roots of my country, Malaysia. 

Disclaimer: Solely meant for the purpose of further understanding of the people of Malaysia. No disgrace intended. Malaysian pride. 

Friday, March 8, 2013

Love 101: The 4+1 theory

The reason why there are so many broken hearts, is because people merely jump into a relationship when their heart feels a certain something towards someone. But that's not love, that's merely an infatuation.

There are more than reasons and aspects that actually determines whether we are truly in love beyond the superficial 'I don't know why I love him/her.. I just do' reason.'

The 4+1 theory.

The aspects that will determine if it's true love or just a fickle infatuation. It's based on this idea that whenever we like someone, if we really go deeper into what is it that draws us to him or her, we'd be able to find that one specific reason. That's not love though. That's merely an attraction or infatuation. But when more than certain aspects from this theory are present, you'll be pretty sure that it's more than just a feeling.

Mind. Heart. Body & Soul.

The mind aspect, to put it simply, is intellect.
But not the academic smarts.. it's the way of thinking, processing, analyzing things way beyond a shallow self centeredness. It's the way of putting across thoughts, not for winning an argument's sake, but to really try to understand or even sensibly debate opposing views that might leave anyone reflecting on the words or to challenge themselves to think differently.

It's the way of carrying yourself off with an aura of sophistication and enigmatic charm. When it connects with someone and talk endlessly about the concept of nothing, then only then, will it be able to talk about everything else.

The heart aspect. The heart represents who someone is by what he or she values or cares about. The things he or she likes, the things he or she dislikes. What really matters, as well as insecurities and fears.

It is critical for two people to understand each other's heart and learn to accommodate each other's differences rather than simply turning a blind eye or deaf ear. Because if two people are too different in the way they think, behave or live.. it will be a huge problem when the infatuation bubble bursts.

The body aspect.

The body aspect is but physical attraction, intimacy and presence.

I don't believe in love at first sight. I don't believe you can just 'instantly know' you're in love or that someone's the one just by 'first sight'. In reality, it isn't love. That very first attraction.. is probably lust. Lust at first sight. 

Which is really just superficial physical attraction. The process of loving with someone in involves discovering the person and then perhaps developing feelings.


The deepest form and the final affirmation that should answer any remaining doubt or questions as to whether we've truly fallen in love with a person.

It's when you start noticing but still appreciate all the other little things, even the flaws - especially the flaws. It's when you truly know a person stripped down of all their walls, exposed to their soul and yet still accept and love him or her. It's a level of understanding and acceptance that goes beyond the 'perfect' period.

This is when you start to see and want to share the rest of your life with this one other. And not in a clingy 'I can't live without you' way, but in a way that I can still live my life without you as I have before I met you.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Homo sapiens

Damn I am starting to get pissed off on such a tiny little never ending thing.

If I would have known so earlier, I wouldn't even have open my mouth or to even speak so constantly! I was trying to be good person.

Now this is why I alienate people. I alienate most of the people around me, cause I find no cause in speaking to people. Sometimes you'd think this generation you grow up in is better and has a better perspective of things in life. But no, they don't. In fact I think our generation is going backwards. Wels.

From the part where you start telling me you don't care about what people think, what anyone else thinks. I knew we were not right. I am better experienced at this.

Seriously, I can't imagine how you can't see it. All you want is to force it. Well no can do fella.

I haven't known you for so long, yet I see no reason to know you better. I knew better.

мы не когда!

This really doesn't affect me. I have no feelings towards anything of this sort. I just wish I don't have to alienate you and be the bad guy. I just wish you'd realize and go away already.

Anyways, moving on. I am really obsessed with The Hunger Games! Like, I can't wait for the second movie to come out already! t e e h e e h e e

J xx

Heart of steel. 

Small Wide World

Apparently this world needs to widen up a bit.

Too small, too sempit!

Malaysia has been a political havoc these past few months, myself not being there is not of any help at all.

Second semester is so difficult! You would imagine it gets better the longer you are here. But it doesn't! In fact it gets worse, and although things are getting more used-to than before but it doesn't help!
I'm drowning in all these unfamiliar-ness. I want to go home!

Being more than 5000 miles away from home makes you learn that you have to stand on your two feet to survive all that's coming at you. You learn to take responsibility and never settle to be second best at anything you set your mind to do.

I made a vow, to never step into that ring of past again. Because every single time I do, I mess up everything else. I had the opportunity, I had the time, I had all what was best for me and I chose to throw it away on matters that are so ridiculous I could not even imagine what Was I thinking. I guess we were just kids back then.

Because that ring had made me grow up. Because experiences makes you grow and teaches you to never do it again. So I can never.

I look at the ring of past in front of me and I find myself saying how disgusting it is. I cringe every time at the mention of that ring.

почему ты очень не знаешь?

Weird things happen in my life. Too weird.

with love,
J xx

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