Monday, March 4, 2013

Homo sapiens

Damn I am starting to get pissed off on such a tiny little never ending thing.

If I would have known so earlier, I wouldn't even have open my mouth or to even speak so constantly! I was trying to be good person.

Now this is why I alienate people. I alienate most of the people around me, cause I find no cause in speaking to people. Sometimes you'd think this generation you grow up in is better and has a better perspective of things in life. But no, they don't. In fact I think our generation is going backwards. Wels.

From the part where you start telling me you don't care about what people think, what anyone else thinks. I knew we were not right. I am better experienced at this.

Seriously, I can't imagine how you can't see it. All you want is to force it. Well no can do fella.

I haven't known you for so long, yet I see no reason to know you better. I knew better.

мы не когда!

This really doesn't affect me. I have no feelings towards anything of this sort. I just wish I don't have to alienate you and be the bad guy. I just wish you'd realize and go away already.

Anyways, moving on. I am really obsessed with The Hunger Games! Like, I can't wait for the second movie to come out already! t e e h e e h e e

J xx

Heart of steel. 

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