Friday, March 15, 2013

Language barrier

Time flies by like you have no idea

It was a measly moment when I remembered I landed in Moscow. Now it has been almost 7 months!
Over the months I learned a lot. Definitely I should say it has been such a journey. Such a non stop ride.

Russian language rant:

What on earth is Imperfective & Perfective?!


1. Describing an action being performed by the subject.

2. Actions that are repeated (usually add adverbs to indicate)

3. Durative Action


1. Describing an action, but highlighting its result above all, the wanted result.

2. Describe many repeated actions but summarized.

3. Inchoative action.

OK rant over.

Most of all

я устала.

I'm just really tired. Really tired of answering people, and making my point. I don't wanna talk anymore.

I totally understand if you don't get how Malaysia is like as a country. How our people is like. 


I'm really exhausted at explaining. Please don't ask me anymore.

I am the kind of person when I'm not interested in a certain thing, I would never do it. Never want to know anything about it. Until I get interested. 

Sorry, a little emotional over there. 

Frequently Asked Questions: 

1. What language do Malaysians speak as a nation?

- We do, in fact, have our own language. Its called Malaysian language (Bahasa Malaysia). You would probably never have heard of it because we are the only country in the world who speaks this language. (Hence the language is called Malaysian Language)

2. But you can speak Chinese as well?

No, because Chinese is not a language. Mandarin is the official language of Chinese people. (It irks me to think that you can call Chinese language - Chinese but you can't think of Malaysian language as Malaysian Language. get my point?

And yes, I do speak Mandarin because I am of chinese ancestry. 

3. What do you mean by that? So you are a Chinese and a Malaysian?

-Well, what a pleasant story I'm going to start off now.

I am Malaysian Chinese. The people of Malaysia such as the Malaysian Chinese and the Malaysian Indians has ancestry not from Malaysia. Our forefathers came from Mainland China and the South of India respectively (during the British colonization). Our parents are also born in Malaysia. We are born and raised in Malaysia. 

4. So how is Malaysian language like?

Nama saya Janice. Which means my name is Janice.

This is for those who does not understand the roots of my country, Malaysia. 

Disclaimer: Solely meant for the purpose of further understanding of the people of Malaysia. No disgrace intended. Malaysian pride. 

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