Monday, March 4, 2013

Small Wide World

Apparently this world needs to widen up a bit.

Too small, too sempit!

Malaysia has been a political havoc these past few months, myself not being there is not of any help at all.

Second semester is so difficult! You would imagine it gets better the longer you are here. But it doesn't! In fact it gets worse, and although things are getting more used-to than before but it doesn't help!
I'm drowning in all these unfamiliar-ness. I want to go home!

Being more than 5000 miles away from home makes you learn that you have to stand on your two feet to survive all that's coming at you. You learn to take responsibility and never settle to be second best at anything you set your mind to do.

I made a vow, to never step into that ring of past again. Because every single time I do, I mess up everything else. I had the opportunity, I had the time, I had all what was best for me and I chose to throw it away on matters that are so ridiculous I could not even imagine what Was I thinking. I guess we were just kids back then.

Because that ring had made me grow up. Because experiences makes you grow and teaches you to never do it again. So I can never.

I look at the ring of past in front of me and I find myself saying how disgusting it is. I cringe every time at the mention of that ring.

почему ты очень не знаешь?

Weird things happen in my life. Too weird.

with love,
J xx

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