Saturday, March 30, 2013

The Joy of Growing Up

When we were younger, we always wanted to grow up. We've always wanted to be older, sophisticated and being able to do things. 

And it comes the time when we want to stop growing. 

Because the world is too much, just too much to take in, the older we grow. The more we know. The less we want to know. 

I remember those times when everyone around you are baby-stage paving the stones to their life in the future. 

Now people around me are walking on those stones they've paved. 

It is pretty great really. Part of me wants to live in the now, part of me is really excited for what's in store in the future. 

part of me also wants to relive the past. happy moments.

But what can we do except to move forward and do our very best to make our future shine bright like a diamond ✧

See you soon, Malaysia!


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