Monday, March 25, 2013


I feel like I always wanna start a post saying Time flies like nobody's business. LOL

You know the times when you're just online surfing the web, and you're just minding your own business carefree-ly surfing and THEN

you go on Facebook and automatically start scrolling back to the old, glory days. (insert petrified emoji here)

I swear I just reviewed the most horrendous things we have done during those times. mamma mia.

And I gotta say, High School kinda sucked. Also it was kinda fun. Both ways I wouldn't think I wanna go back there if I was ever given a chance.

It has been (counting, one two three?) lets see, I graduated in 2010 and its 2013 now right RIGHT? Oh dear lord.

Mind drifting away thinking all those memories we left in the four walls of high school...

when we were young~

Last night was a total night of complete Malaysian food manifesto. And no, it wasn't a feast. We were having a long moment discussing all about the food we can't have! Yeah thats right, and we have come to a conclusion that in order to torture a malaysian, simply send him/her away to some foreign country where malaysian food is impossible to get! yeehaa!Its just cruel. 

So it was all about reminiscence in a cold, long night

Obviously when I scrolled past posts and posts of oldies on facebook, I'd come across so many shameless (I can't even begin to describe it) trailing off..

Now I'm actually here tonight to put up a 30 second vid on my totally unprofessional first ever vlog
Whatever! Baby steps at a time! 

Here you go! Take a sneak peek into Moscow ♡ 

And follow me on a journey at discovering this pristine white heaven. ☃


Also I don't like the fact that its midnight here and morning in the USA. Everywhere in the world should have the exact same time. Hands down on that!!

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