Tuesday, April 30, 2013

April 2013

I guess I could summarize the entire month into one blog post, yes?

Bits and bobs from Апреля 2013/ April 2013!

I swear I had no idea how to spell russian words I could have made some up myself. troll.

My month in pictures :-

No one can beat The Amazing Race. #TEAMYOUTUBEFOREVER

And of course, Jack and Finn Harries HAS to be in here. My favourite British twins! Check out their youtube channel! Professionally made, awesome + cheeky videos!

Not gonna lie, I did research on the state of California a lot more. Just because I'm so curious and interested! Turns out the land is so huge! It definitely does not compare to our homeland back in Malaysia! My life motto has become: To live in the county of Los Angeles someday!

And you know, just a chillin' day having the smallest size of Coke in McDonalds on a sunny day. :)

Not to mention, Russia has the best architecture I've ever seen! (I've actually never seen a lot of architecture. So don't mind me.)

On the way, along Красная площадь (Red Square Moscow) we saw someone! Recognize this guy here?
It is none other than Russian President Vladimir Putin! Hashtag #Cheeky

Just a little haul I made here after a visit to Indian spices shop nearby! The Chili sauce you see is MADE IN MALAYSIA 

I also never thought I would see Moscow without snow and so... green. 

WISHLIST!!!!! ZARA BAG!!!!!!! Screams!

This definitely constitutes for the shopaholic & fashionista in every girl. The Moscow shopping experience. Shots were randomly taken, trying to hide from the salesperson. LOL

Last but not least, I think some of you may know what zis is for. #cheeky 

I'm also trying to find inspiration for my next fun video on youtube! #cray 


Raise the roof for busy med student making youtube her hobby!! 

Coming up next month: -

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Setiap pagi aku bangun.

Just felt like blogging with Bahasa Malaysia today, cuz I can! 

Updates and bits and pieces from my life: 

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Love me some extra huge strawberries! 

Extreme large skull spotted! 

This was taken at the beginning of the year though, All Hail 2013!

I don't usually post pictures on my blogger though, because I find it extremely troublesome to plug in an iPhone USB wire and to use stupid iPhoto to import pictures and takes forever and the super random complication process. Now, I have hit treasure! No more cable, all wire free! :D 

More pictures/videos to come!

Taken directly by me from my baby iPhone.

Download the Simple Transfer app from the Appstore for the stress-free exchange! 

1. Banyaklah perkara-perkara karut yang telah berlaku beberapa hari ni, membuatkan aku sakit kepala. Sebab kena fikir banyak-banyak atas perkara-perkara yang sangat bodoh. Orang generasi ni tidak mengunakan kepala lah! Buat apa-apa pun kena fikir dengan jelas dulu sebelum melakukannya. (O.O?) 

Oh my, my BM is horrible. and, so simple! Lousy, Janice, lousy.

2. Tiap hari muncul di otak aku bahawa lagi tiga bulan, Tahun Satu kajian perubatan (?) aku ni dah nak berakhir. Macam tidak boleh dipercayai. 2nd Semester ni rasanya macam baru jelah start. Macam belum lagi warm up!

Ada la banyak2 perkara yang telah berlaku tiap-tiap hari yang membuatkan aku terfikir bahawa dunia kitorang ni macam not worth living for the people. 

Aku rasa macam disebabkan oleh perbuatkan orang-orang lain, dunia ni telah menjadi tempat yang sangat sangat ... ganas.

3. Telah pun 7 bulan berlalu aku bertinggal di negara ini, di tempat ini, telah pun 7 bulan aku berkomunikasi dengan orang-orang yang berasal dari negara-negara dari seluruh dunia. 

Aku rasa sangat, sangat tidak selesa. 

Memanglah tempat baru, and I am tired of trying. Sick of trying. Sudah gila bercuba nak betulkan, nak buatkan tempat ni rasa macam rumah kita, nak jadikan tempat ni the same comfort zone that was before.

Mungkin aku ni sekarang sedang melalui frasa-frasa yang akan dilalui oleh setiap orang who steps out of their comfort zone. 

Semoga aku berjaya.

4. Aku rasa blog aku ni macam tanpa arah. Sebab bila aku menulis tentang sesuatu perkara yang telah berlaku, atau apalah yang aku sedang berfikir ni, aku tidak boleh ceritakan seluruh cerita. Sbb memanglah something is private & confidential. 

Jadi, aku rasa kalaulah ada orang yang baca blog aku pun, diorang takkan faham apalah aku sedang bleh bleh ni. 

Sorry guys!

5. Last but not least! 

Aku rasa no one reads my blog -____-

So who cares, right? I can crap all I want here and no one reads it LOL.

Okey, bye!

Thursday, April 4, 2013


Now I would assume anybody would want something they'd like to achieve and something they'd like to accomplish by a certain age. I, myself am no different, no less.

I've thought a lot about this. Ever since I've decided to come to med school and to spend my 6 years here.

"Oh my gosh, such a long time!"

"My dear.. you're going to be so old!"

"6 years?! Why so long?!"

"By the time you graduate, time to marry liao lo!"

"People graduate already you still studying!"

"No wonder doctors all so old lah!"

"What are you going to do?!"

That's right, what am I going to do?

I don't mean to sound ignorant, but if I sign up for this, I'd be pretty damn sure to have a plan, right? 
When opportunity comes, grab it. Because the wind doesn't blow the same direction twice. 

I want to, I want to graduate as early as possible, as young as possible. Just so I have more time to accomplish more things in life, just so I have more time to do so much more. But the current situation doesn't allow me to. So right now, I shall dream. Until I see the light. *light of direction towards my brighter future*

Fear not, because everybody has dreams. 

Off my bucket list:

1. I want to try every single sport in the world. All the adrenaline-rushing sport that pushes you to the limit, all the thinga-ma-bob people do for leisure. Everything. Skydiving, Bungee-jumping, etc. 

2. Travel all over the world. Starting with the 50 states of America. This is such a clique actually, people talk about wishing to travel all around the world all the time. They want to see and experience the culture, experience the lifestyle. They want to live the life of the people. I honestly, just want to see countries and landscape with own eyes. Beautiful landscapes. 

3. Professional video-editor. I just like video-editing. One of my own personal hobbies, I suppose. The adjoining of little clips into smooth, interchangeable series that mesmerizes.

4. Be on TV. I don't even know the point to this. But maybe, someday. Who knows? International TV, I hope.

5. Fluent in all the major languages in the world. When there is communication, there is understanding, right?

6. A major career in plastic surgery. This might change, I may not want the same line in a few years to come. But right now, I want that. And rest assured, I must become one of the best. 

7. Publish a book. Writing calms a person, it offers opportunity for an author to spread his mind sight to the world. 

That is all I have the time to think of right now. Because, at this moment in time I have more important things I need to get done before all these dreams of mine can have the chance of becoming true. 

And everyone, have the ability to change their dreams into reality. 


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