Tuesday, April 30, 2013

April 2013

I guess I could summarize the entire month into one blog post, yes?

Bits and bobs from Апреля 2013/ April 2013!

I swear I had no idea how to spell russian words I could have made some up myself. troll.

My month in pictures :-

No one can beat The Amazing Race. #TEAMYOUTUBEFOREVER

And of course, Jack and Finn Harries HAS to be in here. My favourite British twins! Check out their youtube channel! Professionally made, awesome + cheeky videos!

Not gonna lie, I did research on the state of California a lot more. Just because I'm so curious and interested! Turns out the land is so huge! It definitely does not compare to our homeland back in Malaysia! My life motto has become: To live in the county of Los Angeles someday!

And you know, just a chillin' day having the smallest size of Coke in McDonalds on a sunny day. :)

Not to mention, Russia has the best architecture I've ever seen! (I've actually never seen a lot of architecture. So don't mind me.)

On the way, along Красная площадь (Red Square Moscow) we saw someone! Recognize this guy here?
It is none other than Russian President Vladimir Putin! Hashtag #Cheeky

Just a little haul I made here after a visit to Indian spices shop nearby! The Chili sauce you see is MADE IN MALAYSIA 

I also never thought I would see Moscow without snow and so... green. 

WISHLIST!!!!! ZARA BAG!!!!!!! Screams!

This definitely constitutes for the shopaholic & fashionista in every girl. The Moscow shopping experience. Shots were randomly taken, trying to hide from the salesperson. LOL

Last but not least, I think some of you may know what zis is for. #cheeky 

I'm also trying to find inspiration for my next fun video on youtube! #cray 


Raise the roof for busy med student making youtube her hobby!! 

Coming up next month: -

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