Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Places of the world

It was quite a day today, a total of more than 12 hours out of home!!

I. very. the. hate. my. hair. smelling. of. smoke.

How'd cha like my #moustache earring? :)

Anyways. Like I said, I can never write too much, I always end up posting pictures and letting the pictures do all the talking.

Day by day we try to make our dreams come true. 

Coming up next: -

Yeap. Trying to make this come true! 

The idea of achieving something, the joy and excitement of something new, somewhere to explore completely mesmerizes me. 

Then the true face of reality hits you, and you start thinking about how far it is till you reach your destination. So near yet so far. You can feel it, but you can't reach it and you don't have it in your hands. It only painfully reminds you that for something to be so worthwhile, it has to be worked for. It has to be complex. Nothing comes easy in life is worthwhile. 

Sometimes I think it is not fair, but life is such. I only pray that I may stay on the path to my chosen destination and do not stray away from it. 

This also brings me to think that there are so many opportunities and the world is so wide and so large we shall not stay in one place that's for certain. 

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