Saturday, June 29, 2013

25 Facts About Me

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1. I love reading story books of any sorts. I could spend all day and all night reading all the books I love.
{Sophie Kinsella is my favourite author!}

2. I still watch Barbie movies whenever they come out! 

3. I was the nerdiest kid in primary school with the most hideous looking haircut 

4. I prefer the hot, sunny days instead of cold, wintery days 

5. I love all things pretty (beauty, makeup, home decor, creativity is my friend!)

6. My first time growing out my hair this long was only after high school 

7. I sometimes analyze too much about people's behavior that I think I should be studying Psychology instead 

8. I am very paranoidal when it comes to dirt and bacteria on my hands

9. My favourite type of cake is vanilla with white cream icing topped with fruit slices in jelly 

10. I have stick straight hair that would not hold a style, nor a curl, or a braid. 

11. I prefer reality series shows than thriller/horror/drama series
{They're all too inspiring!}

12. As of June 2013, I have successfully finished the first year of my six year med school. 

13. I love video editing, and all sorts of editing. Its fascinating to me to be able to take a raw file and make it into something so mesmerizing that you work so much effort into.

14. I have since discovered Youtube and I'm completely obsessed with everything Youtuber.
{Ask me anything!} 

15. I was never really above average or below average in all aspects of my life. Thankfully its changing for me! (towards the best!)

16. I would have to say my years from high school and before it was not typically the best years of my life

17. My actual chinese name is simply too difficult for people to pronounce that sometimes I just give up

18. I think I have a pretty good talent in explaining complex things for people to understand

19. I am very good in re-inovating things, e.g. producing something new out of something old

20. I would love to enter the designing industry but I do not think I have enough talent

21. I have had the worst ever case of eczema on my legs and arms since I was young till the beginning of high school. Thankfully they're gone now. (sadly, they left scars on me that I struggled to fade off)

22. Therefore, I cannot, I repeat, CANNOT sleep in an air-conditioned bedroom all night because the a/c would completely dry off my skin and my eczema would flare up again. (Yep, that means I can only sleep with the fan on, which I enjoy)

23. I like to work into the night and seeing the sun rise up the next morning while your work is done is the most satisfying thing ever.

24. I have the worst memory of my life ever, I literally cannot remember if I was not shown photos of back in the day.

25. I would LOVE to make some new friends that are actually genuine and share the same interests as me! (Even if you live halfway across the world from me)

Hope you liked this slightly more personal blog post this evening! I'd seen lot's of other bloggers doing this so thought i'd do it too. I'd love to hear 25 facts about you as well. I still have so many things about myself that I'd  love to share with you. 

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