Saturday, July 20, 2013

Summer Breeze

Hey Everyone!

I have been back in Malaysia for 2 weeks now. Today exactly. :) 
And my time here has been nothing but f. a. b. u. l. o. u. s.
But you know, as they all say: when there is something that goes up, it must come down. 

In the past week, the world lost a beautiful angel: 
or better known online as TaliaJoy18.  She was diagnosed with different types of cancer as a mere child and has fought with them for 6 years. I found her on Youtube when one of her video went viral and everybody looked into her case and saw that she had such a bubbly spirit even living with cancer. She gave people with the disease everywhere joy, and hope. She touched everyone's hearts and I know she definitely touched mine. She was only 13 when she passed on July 16th, 11:22am. Talia was an aspiring makeup artist and she had such big dreams. To have her own makeup line, and loves fashion. It saddens me that such talent would go to waste. Sometimes, you've got to ask yourself. Why? Fly high and soar. Rest In Peace, sweet angel.  

Oh wait, I'm not done.

Cory Monteith
 (May 11, 1982 – July 13, 2013) 
Died of mixed drug toxicity

I have to be honest, I don't actually watch Glee. I'm not a big fan. But I have, on some occasions watch a few episodes here and there. And out of that I have watched, I seem to only remember seeing Jane Lynch, Cory Monteith and Lea Michele in the show. (weird much?)
Again, another huge talent going to waste. So please guys, don't do drugs. Value life. Never do drugs. I honestly cannot see the point in doing drugs. You know you're probably gonna end up worst than how you started. Don't do them in the first place. Think of your loved ones, think of your family, think of everyone who cares about you. What will happen to them if you're being so selfish to yourself?

Enough of the fuzzy stuffs. I need to wipe my tears! 
Now let's do some actual blogging. (i.e. spilling out my guts)
*be prepared to read long passages of never ending words*

As I'm siting up in bed writing this, it is 3.09am.
I always find blog posts easiest to write in the midst of the night. When you're up late either doing some work, or just relaxing because you can. There's something about sitting upright in bed and having a laptop on your lap just working your fingers away on the keys and letting your writer's mind flow...

Being back home in Malaysia has been wonderful, being able to finally, finally be back in the arms of comfort. Although I have to admit, times have changed. A lot has changed in the last year. Nothing is ever the same day after day. I personally have grown used to different things living abroad. But coming back shall not be as if taking a winding path back to the past. It is part of the future, it is part of something new. We're making new memories everyday. Even if the situation and environment seems and looks the same. 

I've also decided to try to do as much vlogging as I can while I'm back. Although the first two weeks I haven't yet filmed anything as I 1) haven't been anywhere interesting worth filming 2) didn't think it was appropriate for me to stuff people's faces with cameras all of a sudden (they must think I'm a weirdo anyway)

Over to the last bit, being back here also brings up to light the over bearing amount of events that has happened to my country. The mentality of the people here, I am so very disappointed. I stand by my country in any day, but if this were to continue: ______ 
I guess in my defense we were brought up in a different kind of way that what most people from the outside world is used to. I'm not about to go into depths of sensitive topics here as I think most citizens know, deep down in their hearts what should be done. Everyone's shaking their heads and facing their palms about society these days. You never know what's going on in the heads of those heavily bearded men over there sitting on the curb eating hotdogs, nor you'll know in those of the young man riding his motorbike and needless to say, of those women sitting in the mamak stall having their buka puasa meal. 

The mind is infinitely endless. 

Here you go, I thought I would share and update what has been troubling myself lately. 
Have a good night. 

Lots of love, Janice 

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