Saturday, August 17, 2013

Life moments + Hunt for MTV World Stage Insider

Hey guys! 

                 Today I visited my long time nanny for when I was a wee child. My precious nanny and her husband whom I call 'uncle' has been a life saver for both my parents in terms of young childcare. Probably about 19 years ago times are hard, there is never enough time for my hardworking parents to work and care for me at the same time. I was also their first child. So, needless to say: I was sent to a nanny to be taken care of while my parents worked. 
                 I was told stories of how rebellious I was and how I completely refused to be sent to my day care house in the morning. I would cry myself dry at the sight of my parents leaving me, or so I'm told. I do not have the capability of memory to #throwback till my youngest days. 

                The days got better, I soon became used to being in my 'day home', waiting for my parents to come pick me up in the evening. After years of day caring, I was finally old enough to stay home. I think I was 5 then. Even though I was no longer taken care of by my nanny, my family constantly went back to visit my nanny and her family. They have become apart of my life and I consider them my family.

                Today I am most certainly no longer in need of a nanny, but I still go back to visit. So I picked today to visit my nanny and her family at their home after a year of being abroad. I was shell-shocked at the news I received. My 'uncle' has gotten a stroke a couple weeks before, and has been in the hospital ever since. At the sight of a once strong and agile man, now becoming a frail and sick person left me contemplating about life's very existence and its main purposes. Whenever a person's life flashes by your eyes, whether or not the person is a close friend or family, or just a stranger - you get that deep in the gut feeling of how valued and lucky you are, for being alive. 

                 It makes me feel as though I'm wasting precious time, we have never thought to make use of the time we have here in this world, to do something: Anything, at all that would make it all worth it in the end. Certainly, you would agree with me that we are given lives for a purpose. Although I understand that different people has their own mindset and their own thinking about living as a whole.

               I hope everyone reading this post would go out, and do something valuable. Please do not waste all the time you are given, in a blink of an eye it could be all gone. Even if you're just sitting here, get up: do something productive. Or simply do something that would make you happy. There is no point in not doing something you don't enjoy, or love. Live life to the fullest, as they always say eh?

On a lighter note, I have been spending almost an entire week planning and filming my newest video! And it is: Hunt for MTV World Stage Insider by MTV Asia. 

They are searching for someone who is capable of handling their social media while the event proceeds. And I'm hoping I would be chosen as I fit all the criteria required! Never have I been so excited about meeting all the requirements. 

I just want to put it out there that, that they should pick me also because: *winks* (MTV follows me)

Head on over to to check the deets! 

View my submission video for MTV World Stage Insider here

You can also win passes to the upcoming monstrous, annual, the one and only MTV World Stage Live In Malaysia 2013 here 

I remember about last year's MTV World Stage Live In Malaysia, I was completely ecstatic. Read about my last year's craze here. I couldn't believe my eyes when I won that golden ticket. And I remembered all the craze surrounding Sunway Surf Beach. Oh dear. #flashback

Read about my eczema and confidence story here

Enjoy my little flicks of webcam shots #inthemidnight

Lots of love, Janice 


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