Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Review: Face Masks For The Clear Skin

Today is one of those days where I blog about boring stuffs like fashion and beauty. People who read my blog who don't care about fashion or beauty, then this post is not for you. But! For those who also enjoy the odd piece of beauty things, as we girls do. Here you go! 

I haven't done this kind of blog post in awhile, so I took it easy this time round. Also, I thought I might do this sort of Review posts a little bit more often. Let me know in the comments section below what you think. Enjoy!


Fresh Fruit Acerola Mask Sheet by The Face Shop

I picked this up a couple of weeks ago in one of the branches of The Face Shop while I was on holiday in Penang Island. I think it was the Gurney Plaza branch.

Anyhoo, the staff in there was amazing. I had been looking around for some skin care products since I've been back as I don't currently own any. As my skin adjusts to the warm, tropical weather here in Malaysia rather than the cold crisp air of Moscow, I had to look for some new skin care or my skin was going to go robust! I had been quite a fan of their products but I had never really tried them out. 

So in I walked with my mother plus sister, just randomly into the store, nicely seated in a corner of the high rise Gurney Plaza. I was immediately greeted by the staff, lovely girls they are. (But sometimes I think they wear quite a heavy bit of make up just for days at work, even at a beauty store.)

In the end, I picked up a whole bunch of skin care: amidst them was some night time moisturizer, a day time one, and a toner. Which I absolutely adore. I shall have to do a review on that soon!

Continuing my rambles on my visit in that fantastic store, I tried this mask when I was back in KL. I had washed my face, applied some toner (the very one I bought there) and then slapped the entire mask sheet on. It brought instant relief. Wow. I was amazed. It felt practically like relaxation. 

Left it on there for about a whole 15 minutes or so. I typically like to keep my face masks on a bit longer than it usually states to, just because I want to get all the goodness out of that sheet! 

So in the after peeling off process, I patted my now sticky face with my fingers, trying abruptly to let more of the amazing serum sink in to my skin. 
I really quite enjoyed that face mask. I hadn't found a good face mask in a while. 

So, in no surprise, when you like something, you tend to go into the store again to get more. Am I right or wrong here?

Hence I went in to The Face Shop at a local KL branch. The one at the KL Festival City. And I was bummed to hear that they had discontinued this range of face masks. Instead, they came out with a new range of masks. I have yet to try them new ones, but I wish they had kept these old ones. Because I found out the day after that a lot of old hyper pigmentation scars on my face had gone. Vanished. Poof!  Was it because of this very mask? I don't know, but I couldn't tell you anymore. As they are no longer producing it. But! No need to fret, I have picked up a couple more of the newer range of face masks, which I'm very keen to try. And the lady at the local store said the newer ones are a renewed version of the older one that I had loved. Alright then, we will see how I like the new kid in town.

So this is it for my review today. I hope you enjoyed the odd piece of beauty things here sometime. After all, my life is very boring to constantly update the world about. Beauty brings out the passion in me. I have very odd sense of passions. I shall try to write more reviews on the products I try. Maybe I shall even include make up product reviews?! 

Do let me know in the comment below what you think of posts like this. In the case that you are not interested in these, do let me know as well. I really hope to do more these sort of things as well, as blogging takes my mind off things and it keeps me very much at bay. And I enjoy it very much. 

Lots of love,


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